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NUR153 - Ohio Law and Rules for the Practice of Nursing (1.0 HR)

This course discusses law, rules and scope of nursing practice as specified by Chapter 4723 of the Ohio Revised Code. Upon completion of this online course, the individual will receive one contact hour (1.0) which meets the one-hour requirement on law and rules which affects nursing practice in Ohio.

Purpose: To enhance the learner’s knowledge of the law and rules governing nursing practice and scope of nursing practice in the state of Ohio.

Objectives: Upon completion of this online course, the participant will be able to: 1. Discuss the Ohio Board of Nursing, its purpose and rule making authority. Chapter 4723.06 ORC; 2.Review nurse licensure and advanced practice certifications for Ohio. Chapter 4723-4 OAC; 3.Describe the definition of the RN and LPN and the responsibilities of each according to Chapter 4723.01 ORC; 4.Explain the differences between RN and LPN scope of practice. Chapters 4723.01(B) ORC; 4723.01(F) ORC; Chapter 4723-4 OAC; Chapter 4723-17 OAC; 5.Discuss the nursing process as it relates to scope of practice. Chapter 4723-4 OAC; 6.Describe nurse delegation. Chapter 4723-13 OAC.

Completion Requirements: For successful completion of this course the learner must review the entire course, pass the test with a minimum score of 75% and complete the survey which generates a certificate of completion. This course is available for one year from the date of assignment.