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NHA102 - ADMIN: Infection Control Series (1.75 HR)

Purpose: Nursing home administrators will review and gain knowledge of current and emerging infection control procedures, common health care-related infections, infectious disease outbreaks, and how to develop effective infection control programs within a health care facility. Objectives: 1. Discuss the importance of practicing proper infection control procedures; 2. Describe specific sources of infections and how they are transmitted; 3. Describe standard precaution protocols; 4. State appropriate hand washing techniques and explain why it is important; 5. Describe the use of personal protective equipment as outlined in the CDC guidelines; 6. Describe the appropriate methods for disposing of contaminated materials; 7. State the proper procedure for disinfecting environmental surfaces; 8. Describe the infection control protocols used to prevent common health care related infectious diseases; 9. Discuss the issues related to infectious disease outbreaks; 10. Develop an infection control program that meets the requirements of the law; 11. Explain how to investigate, control, and prevent the spread of infection in the facility; 12. Discuss investigative protocols used during surveys of infection control issues.