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MGR101 - Leadership in Health Care: General Principles (1.5 HR)

Purpose:  The purpose of this course is to enhance the knowledge base of the audience in the area of general principles of health care leadership skills. Objectives: 1. Distinguish the difference between the concepts of “leadership” and “management”; 2. Compare the “old thinking” about leadership development to the “new thinking”; 3. Discuss the qualities of a leader from a personal perspective; 4. Discuss the behaviors that contribute to effective leadership; 5. Gain a basic familiarity to key leadership styles related to health care; 6. Discuss the changing context of leadership as it relates to health care; 7. Compare the concepts of “leadership” and “followership”; 8. Compare the theories of leadership and assess your personal style; 9. Demonstrate the ability to view one’s own strengths and developmental needs through reflection and the competency evaluation process; 10. Discuss interpersonal understanding through the eyes of a leader; 11. Identify the three domains of the Health Care Leadership Competency Model.