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DTY101 - Food Preparation Orientation (1.0 HR)

Purpose: To increase the understanding of employees in health care facilities whose primary role is meal preparation in the areas of food safety and sanitation, as well as portion control. Objectives: 1. Review concept of time and temperature control; 2. Review potentially hazardous foods; 3. Define for the employee involved with food preparation their role in documentation and maintaining accurate records; 4. Identify the four basic types of thermometers and their appropriate use; 5. Describe the method to calibrate a thermometer used for testing internal food temperatures; 6. Identify how to decrease the risk of cross contamination during food preparation; 7. Review those food items that would be categorized potentially hazardous foods (PHF); 8. Describe the relationship of time and temperature control as it relates to thawing, preparing, cooling, and/or reheating PHF; 9. Describe the four acceptable methods of thawing frozen PHF; 10. Describe the guidelines for use of pasteurized shell eggs and regular shell eggs (those not pasteurized); 11. Describe the concept of the variances of the acceptable internal cooking temperatures of various foods; 12. Describe the acceptable time and temperatures guidelines for cooling PHF; 13. Describe the concept of batch cooking.