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DTY100 - Basic Orientation for Dietary Aides (1.0 HR)

Purpose: To increase the understanding of employees of health care facilities whose primary role is meal service in the areas of food safety and sanitation, the importance of following menus and care plan approaches, and customer service. Objectives:  1. Identify the role of policies and procedures in the interpretation of federal and state rules and regulations governing meal service in health care facilities;2. Define foodborne illness; 3. Describe the characteristics of what the FDA Food Code identifies as time-temperature control for safety foods (TCS foods); 4. Describe the characteristics of the three categories of food hazards (biological, chemical, and physical hazards) and be able to decrease the risk of each; 5. Identify the three principles that all food service workers need to be aware; 6. Describe the process of proper hand washing and when hand washing is necessary; 7. Describe the appropriate use of disposable gloves in the preparation and/or service of foods; 8. Describe the fundamentals of the food safety “danger zone” including time and temperature; 9. Identify how to decrease the risk of cross-contamination between food, hands, and/or equipment; 10. Describe the responsibilities of the food service employee in the serving of a meal in accordance with the menu and the resident’s diet order and in maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of the resident.