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LEAD008 - Mixing and Matching Working Styles

Author: Paul DiMarco

Description: A common phrase in the workplace is that employees leave their manager, rather than the company. Therefore, a critical area of focus should be placed on how managers and their direct reports interact. If the manager can create an environment of good communication leading to trust, it stands to reason that employees will be more satisfied and stay with their employer longer. Learning basic elements of adapting and connecting with others will provide a solid foundation for interpersonal skills and improve all aspects of the manager/leader/employee dynamic. 


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: 

  1. Recognize the various personality and communication types. 
  1. Discuss the attributes of your communication style and how to adjust it to connect with others on a consistent basis. 
  1. Identify different communication and personality types in others and adjust your approach with them to improve the interaction.