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NUR124 - Care of the Imminently Dying Patient (1.5 HR)

Purpose: To aid the learner in recognizing and understanding the signs and symptoms of the active dying process and the corresponding care interventions. Objectives: 1. Describe the historical significance of chronic illness in America’s mortality today. 2. Conceptualize definitions of palliative care, hospice care and end-of-life care. 3. Understand and respond to the educational needs of terminally ill patients and the educational and bereavement needs of their families. 4. Describe assessments and corresponding interventions to improve the quality of care of the imminently dying patient and family. 5. Examine the possibilities during the last hours of life for the imminently dying patient. 6. Recognize the physical signs and their management options as imminent death approaches and progresses. 7. Distinguish between the “usual road” and the “difficult road” to death as described in this course. 8. Discuss the signs of death when imminent death occurs in an adult or child. 9. Identify the patterns of the dying process and the death event. 10. Apply appropriate caring interventions for the patient and family at the time of the death event and in after-care support.