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REG108 - HIPAA (1.0 HR)


Purpose: This course provides an overview of HIPAA, including the reasons for the law, how it is enforced, how the law has changed over time and how HIPAA relates to the health care industry. Objectives: 1. Describe the purpose of HIPAA and identify which government agency is in charge of its regulation; 2. Explain the difference between a covered entity and a business associate; 3. Identify and explain the Privacy Rule, Security Rule, HITECH Act, Final Omnibus Rule and Breach of Notification Rule; 4. Explain what a breach is and how to HIPAA requires it to be handled; 5. Describe types of HIPAA violations and their consequences; 6. Identify the duties of a HIPAA privacy officer; 7. Explain the Minimum Necessary Standard ("need to know"); 8. Identify both visual and verbal risks and keys to reduce those risks; 9. Express patient rights as stated by HIPAA; 10. Explain how HIPAA is affected by emergency situations.