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SAF103 - Active Shooter: What You Can Do

Author: Dorothy de Souza Guedes

Purpose: Any place of work is susceptible to violence in the workplace. An active shooter is a person actively engaged in killing or attempting to keep people in a confined space or other populated areas. This course guides nurses to respond in an active shooter wherever they are, including a hospital, nursing home, outpatient clinic, or any other health care facility.

Objectives:  Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:  1) Define what is an active shooter, 2) Describe actions to take when confronted with active shooter: run, hide, fight, 3) Discuss steps you might take to evacuate patients or residents in an active shooter situation, 4) Review general steps to take to lock down a unit or floor, 5) Explain what to do when law enforcement arrives on the scene of an active shooter incident, 6) List actions to take to prevent and prepare for a potential active shooter incident, 7) Identify indicators of potential workplace violence.