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NUR170 - Pain Management: Process & Principle of Practice (2.0 HR)

Purpose: To provide health care professionals with the information and essential tools for assessing, re-assessing, intervening, evaluating and documenting pain intensity as a major step toward effective pain management. Objectives: 1. Discuss the foundational information essential for the understanding of pain management; 2. Identify basic pathophysiology of pain; 3. Explain the recommendations for assessing and re-assessing of pain and its management; 4. Describe developmental and individual patient considerations in assessing pain; 5. Identify and apply appropriate assessment tools and scales for patients in pain; 6. Discuss appropriate interventions and strategies for the management of pain; 7. Outline knowledge of and skills in the identification of adverse effects and complications of pain medications; 8. Discuss pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions in the management of the alleviation of pain; 9. Identify barriers to appropriate pain care and strategies to reduce such barriers.