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NUR164 - Schizophrenia (1.0 HR)

Purpose: Schizophrenia is a mental health disorder which can alter a person’s reality and negatively affect their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Residents in long-term care who have schizophrenia require nuanced and often lifelong care. By taking this course, nurses will learn about the presentation of schizophrenia and how to best support individuals with this disorder. Objectives: 1. Describe the mental health disorder, schizophrenia. 2. Discuss how schizophrenia has different ages of onset, especially in relation to gender. 3. Identify symptoms of schizophrenia. 4. Explain the various causes of schizophrenia. 5. Recognize how schizophrenia can present differently across age, gender, and culture. 6. List the warning signs for suicide. 7. Explain the various modes of treatment available. 8. Identify ways to care for a resident going through a psychotic episode.