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NUR129 - Understanding and Supporting Grieving Children (1.5 HR)

Purpose: To educate the learner about helpful ways to talk with grieving children geared toward the individual’s developmental level, respectful of their cultural norms, and sensitive to their capacity to understand the situation. Death is an inescapable fact of life and children will need all the love and support of professionals and caregivers to cope with their loss and reach a constructive grief resolution. Objectives: 1. Demonstrate basic knowledge of grief, loss behaviors, and feelings common for bereaved children and adolescents. 2. Demonstrate knowledge of age appropriate resources for children specific to their particular normal or complicated grief situation. 3. Demonstrate knowledge of grief techniques useful in working with children experiencing grief and other related loss issues. 4. Define bereavement, mourning, and grief. 5. Identify risk factors for complicated grief. 6. Understand how children and teens view death. 7. Describe the stages of grief and the factors that influence adaptation. 8. Discuss the impact of grief and loss on children and adolescents.