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DTY104 - Therapeutic Diets (1.0 HR)

Purpose: To help the individual eat and drink safely, food textures may be altered with the help of a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). Certain foods or fluids may be restricted or eliminated depending on an individual’s medical needs. Diets may be ordered for weight management. Food allergies as well as religious practices must be taken into consideration.  Objectives: 1. Identify the different mechanically-altered diets; 2. Name at least three common therapeutic diets; 3. List the main minerals to be limited in the renal diet; 4. Distinguish between a clear liquid diet and a full liquid diet; 5. Describe the three consistencies of thickened liquids; 6. List at least three items to be served on a clear liquid diet; 7. Explain why an individual may need a fluid restriction; 8. Define gluten and explain where it can be found; 9. Explain why religious practices may require changes in diet for some individuals.