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NUR176 - Asthma (2.0 HR)

Purpose: Health care professionals will increase their understanding of asthma. Objectives: 1.Define asthma; 2. Discuss asthma statistics in children and adults; 3. Describe the types of asthma; 4. Describe the pathophysiology of acute asthma; 5. Discuss the classification system of asthma severity; 6. List at least five common asthma triggers; 7. List diagnostic and laboratory tests used to identify causative factors and the degree of airway involvement in the asthma patient; 8. Discuss nursing diagnoses associated with asthma, the nursing care, interventions and rationales for each; 9. Discuss drug therapy used for the asthma patient; 10. Explain the use of metered dose (MDIs) and dry powder inhalers (DPIs); 11. Discuss managing asthma for children at home and school; 12. Identify elements to be included with patient and family teaching for the child or adult diagnosed with asthma.